Career Profile

I am currently looking for a PhD in artificial intelligence applied to humanoid or mobile robotics. What drives me down this path is the opportunity to develop skills in making and testing hypotheses, developing new theories, planning and conducting experiments, teaching others (inside or outside the classroom) and developing practical research skills.


MSc in Engineering

2015 - 2018

I followed the cursus in Computer Science with a minor in Models and Algorithms for Decision-making. My extracurricular activities were mainly for the:

  • Robotics club (of which I was president)
  • Informatics and networking student association
  • Humanitarian student office

BSc in Physics and Technology

2013 - 2015

I studied in preparatory classes for 2 years to prepare the entrance contest for engineering schools. My main study topics were:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Mechanics
  • Electronics


Middle school teacher

Teaching technology and programming to students in middle school

Mar. 2021 - Jul. 2021

I prepared and taught classes for students in first, second and fourth year of middle school. The main topics were the very basics of mechanics, programming, civil engineering and project management.

Tutoring Practical Work in HCI

Development of Human–computer interfaces for M1 computer science students

Sept. 2019 - Feb. 2021

I tutored classes of Master 1 students in computer science for their practical work in development of Human-Machine Interfaces with Java and on the best practices in object-oriented development. The libraries used were JavaFX and Swing.

Robotics Researcher

Collaborative Robotics and Combined Task and Motion Planning

June 2019 - Feb. 2021

I wrote a State of the art on Combined Task and Motion Planning and worked for the ANR project Prog4Yu. For this project, I worked on the ABB collaborative robot Yumi to develop a remote-control REST API for the robot using RWS. I also worked on developing and integrating an automated planning module to the robot architecture.

Academic Semester

April 2018 - Sept. 2018

Courses followed:

  • Multi-objective optimisation
  • Computational intelligence (Fuzzy Logic, Machine Learning, Neural Networks)
  • Formal Language Theory


  • Research project: Design and development of an on-the-fly speech-to-speech translation program in Python powered by IBM’s Watson
  • Group project: Design and realisation of an intelligent walking stick

Research Internship

Machine Learning and APIs development

June 2017 - Sept. 2017

My internship was in the research laboratory of the BRE Trust Center for Sustainable Engineering attached to Cardiff University. I designed REST APIs with Swagger (OpenAPI specification) to create, train and run energy models. I also deployed those APIs on the cluster. Additionally, I did Backend Development with Python Flask for the European project PENTAGON

Research Internship

NoSQL Databases and Web Development

June 2016 - August 2016

I did a 3-month internship in the research laboratory of the BRE Trust Center for Sustainable Engineering attached to Cardiff University. My work consisted in the creation and management of noSQL time-series databases (KairosDB on Cassandra) as well as the Frontend and Backend development of a web application for real-time 3D models and graphs visualisation.


Robot Creation - Creation from scratch of a mobile robot capable of lifting weight. I designed the whole mecanical structure: an aluminum based frame with a laser-cut modular wooden structure. The connecting parts and the shovel are 3d printed in PLA and the hubs are SLA printed from photopolymer resin. The robot is driven by an Arduino UNO and a few ultrasonic sensors as well as a couple infrared sensors and an accelerometer.
Embedded License plate recognition - I developed a license plate recognition program based on OpenALPR to run on a BeagleBone Black with a camera module.
Translator - I designed and developed an on-the-fly speech-to-speech translation program in Python powered by IBM's Watson. This was my research project during my semester in Kyoto.
ヘルパ - Helpa - Helpa is an intelligent walking stick designed and developed by our team. I was the project leader and did the eletronics part (choosing the components and soldering) as well as a good chunk of the software (Arduino). This was my group project during my semester in Kyoto.
Online CV - I developed this very page using Jekyll. It is based on the work of Sharath Kumar and Xiaoying Riley.
Mindpass - Mindpass is intelligent Password manager coded in Python 3. It searches your mailbox in order to retrieve logins and passwords for websites you might not remember registering to and stores them securely. I developed the mail searching function and did the deployment of the program into a single standalone Windows app.


Programming Languages

  • Python
  • Java
  • C
  • C/C++ for Arduino
  • SmallTalk (Pharo)
  • PHP
  • JavaScript

Advanced Programming

  • Data Mining (Weka, Matlab)
  • Machine Learning (Scikit-learn)
  • Constraint Programming (Choco)

Web Technologies

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • Python Flask
  • Node.js

Server Configuration

  • Linux (configuration, bash, daemons, crontab, ssh ... on Debian-based systems and CentOs)
  • Networking (DHCP, NAT, DNS, ipTables, LACP, IPspoofing, load balancing, reverse proxy ...)
  • Webservers (Apache, Tomcat J2EE ...)
  • Databases (MySQL, Cassandra)
  • API Design (Swagger OpenAPI)
  • Certificates (Openssl, Let's encrypt)
  • Version control (Gitlab, Bitbucket)
  • Infrastructure as code (Puppet)
  • Security testing (Metasploit, Root-me challenges, having fun with ParrotOS ...)


  • Linear algebra
  • Operational research
  • Formal language theory
  • Multi-Objective optimisation (especially based on evolutionnary methods)
  • Statistics


  • UML
  • SysML
  • Merise (with PowerAMC)

Soft Skills

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Financial analysis
  • Customer relationship management


  • Technical drawing and CAD (Solidworks)
  • Conception and welding of PCB
  • Strength of materials